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Hi, we are Authentic By Design and this is how we can help you:

  • We help increase the value of your house by helping you create the home you always dreamed about... We help finance the improvement of your home, giving you a better return on your investment.

  • Improve your home, investment property, holiday home, Airbnb, Lodge, Hotel and many more..

  • Authentic by Design helps to bring your vision to life, discover, and refine your style, and create luxury lifestyle accommodation experiences worth writing home about.

  • We help you turn your house into a home.

  • A home is a place that provides you with mental and emotional comfort, a place where you look forward to escaping the outside world. Do you feel that way about your home? If not, get in touch….


You have a house, investment property, holiday home, Airbnb, Lodge, Hotel, restaurant and many more

Get access to finance:

  • Access to a Bond application

  • Get a personal loan

  • Float your payments

  • Cash is king

Select your Package:

Get access to all of our appliances and furniture items and create your own space.

With the help of one of our interior designers (automatically added to your basket), we will help to bring your vision to life.

Meet the team!

Meet our team and lets explore your vison.