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There is a ton of planning, organizing, time, effort and expertise that goes into getting a place looking as spectacular as Authentic Interiors can. I was overwhelmed with how incredible my apartment looked after handing the job over to Courtney and her team.


Courtney was an excellent project
manager - she created a wonderful dynamic and welcoming atmosphere in which I felt I could communicate my ideas for the space, but she made it all happen and brought the vision to life, which I am so grateful for, and so
appreciative that I was able to have someone so enthusiastic, hard-working and knowledgable guiding the entire project to be what it is today.


I would highly recommend using Courtney and Authentic Interiors - the level of reliability and trustworthiness that they provide is unparalleled.

— Michaela


Working with Authentic Interiors was an absolute dream. Courtney and her team took our ideas and brought them to life in our space.

We are so grateful that we chose to work with Authentic Interiors through this process, as we did not know where to begin.

It was also great to have someone show us how we could incorporate our current furniture or heirlooms into our space, with new trendy furniture, decor and artwork.

Courtney and her team were able to produce our dream space affordably, which we could never be more grateful for.

Thank you to Authentic Interiors for making our space authentic to us!

— Jonathan


About Authentic Interiors

Treat yourself by authentically designing your spaces, through building a purposeful and meaningful environment of the highest calibre, that you can be proud of.

Authentic Interiors is a young and vibrant interior design company that aims to deliver affordable, efficient, and effective bespoke designs. With experience in Residential, Commercial and Retail design, we collaborate with clients and look forward to helping you achieve your vision through meaningful design.

luxury lifestyle accommodation

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Interior Design

Beyond the four walls, our world is continually changing. We are a dynamic interior design company that embraces change - transform your space into an inspiring, authentic, and trendy environment in which to live work and experience.

  • We seek to inspire a change in the way one thinks and feels about one's spaces.

  • We seek to challenge the limitations of each space, finding innovative solutions, that create a space and inspires enthusiasm and desire to experience that space.

  • We strive to make your space authentic to you.

We know creative design. You know your space. Through this collaboration, we create authentic interior solutions that truly set your space apart from the rest.

Our experienced designers not only guide you through the conceptual and theoretical phases of the project, but also ensure that your desires are accurately and attentively implemented.

The result? A unique interior space completed on budget, on time and that exceeds your wildest imaginations.

Image by Stefen Tan
Image by Coco Tafoya

Let us explore some important outcomes of effective Interior Design...

- Leave a lasting impression with your clients or home visitors.

- Optimise the use of your space and enhance the experience of your        clients.

- How would the experience of your customers change?

- Will interior design enhance a better experience for customers?

Our Philosophy

Why Authentic Interiors

Interior Design Outcomes

Our Services


We believe that it is important to personally meet you in order to get an understanding of your project, style preferences and budget, before any commencement of design work begins. Connecting with you on a personal level and building a relationship from the beginning is key to understanding your vision for your space.

*We also offer consultations via Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp.


Functionality, furniture placement, and the correct flow in a space – is key to the overall success in the interior design process at Authentic Interiors. This involves creating technical drawings of the room layouts. In this phase, the best furniture layout is determined for your space.


We work with you to understand your spatial vision, from there we develop the design where finishes and specifications will be determined. Through research, each design is developed to complement and emphasize your identity, always keeping functionality and originality in mind.

  • Concept mood inspiration

Here our designers create vision boards and plans for the project, bringing the dreams of the client to life, and enhancing the original vision for the space. This will also include multiple colour samples, and motivation for colours chosen.

  • 3D drawing perspectives

This includes full renders of each space, with textures, colour, furniture, finishing’s and lighting included. The renders will also be shown from different angles within the space.


Overseeing contractors, unboxing, and styling of furniture and accessories. We offer a full turnkey service for residential and retail clients from design process to implementation, as well as installation.


Decorating your space can be an overwhelming task for you to accomplish alone. But no matter the size of your project, Authentic Interiors will help you to create your vision, collate your endless Pinterest boards to define your style, and create a design plan for us to work on together to get your space looking like the best version of itself possible. This service will include : 

  • Floor plan layouts 

  • Spatial planning 

  • Fabric, wallpaper, flooring, paint sourcing 

  • Sourcing and purchasing furniture and decor 

  • Styling with existing furniture pieces

  • De-cluttering and organizing 

We look forward to collaborating with you to make your space authentic!


Interior Designer:       Courtney                072 791 0328


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